Breaky Sliders

Breaky Sliders are a revolutionary breakfast alternative, made with protein-rich, nutrient-dense ingredients. The power-packed sliders are formulated to provide sustained energy with a balanced combination of complex carbohydrates, essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and prebiotics. Ideal for active lifestyles, Breaky Sliders offer each person the nutritional advantages of a protein-rich breakfast in an on-the-go form.

 Choose one or more delicious sliders by setting a quantity of 10 and above

 -Bacon & egg, spinach, tomato relish

-Mushroom, spinach, tomato, pesto (v)

-Chickpea Felafel, avocado, lettuce, garlic aioli

Delivered warm.

Gluten-free available.

Min. Quantity: 10


$4.95 AUD

Payment options:

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